Autumn 2022

12 Bar Book : Vol 1

The Book is finally here ! The Kickstarter campaign was very successful,

enabling us to go to print and produce a pre-ordered run of Hardbacks and Paperbacks. The feedback has been outstanding and we do have a handful of paperbacks remaining, that can be purchased in the shop area of this site 











12 Bar Legacy Collection

Record 8 is out now and we still have some limited edition A3 Posters left, so trot on over to our shop to get your copy now !

We are expecting to be able to bring you details of Record No.9 and the special DVD of Tali Clarkes "A Riot of our own" sometime next month.

London Callin' Live Promotions

We will be making a return to live promoting later this year, with shows at The Fiddlers Elbow and a joint event at The 100 Club with Knuckledust