12 Bar Book

Artworking is under way, which we hope to have complete by late August 

/ early September, then it's the editing process, we're optimistic that we will go to print in Late October, so we can despatch in time for Christmas.

There is still time If you would like to be involved and add something written or otherwise, please drop a line to

You will need to do this by the end of August

There will be a Kickstarter campaign starting shortly, so keep your eyes out.

In the meantime why not support us by dropping over to our shop and picking up some 12 Bar Merch including a new Polo Shirt !

12 Bar Legacy Collection

Record 8 is out now and we still have some limited edition A3 Posters left, so trot on over to our shop to get your copy now !

We are expecting to be able to bring you details of Record No.9 and the special DVD of Tali Clarkes "A Riot of our own" sometime next month.