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January 2024

Those 12 Bar Nights Volume 2

 We are doing a 2nd book and will be accepting memories, so please send in your meomories, pictures flers etc, it really does not matter if you only went a couple of times or if you went loads, you were an important part of the history, so please please send memories to : 12 Bar

The 12 Bar Legacy Collection

The 9th Instalment is now on sale and is a homage to the Blang records night at The 12 Bar Club, pressed on 7" Mustard coloured vinyl the record is curated by Joe from Blang and features 4 talented acts - All pre sale copies come with two free fold out A3 Posters


12 Bar Book : Vol 1

We still have some paperback copies of the book left, which you will find

on sale on the shop page of this website.






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