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The 12 Bar Legacy Collection is a 7" vinyl single collection featuring acts that played The legendary 12 Bar Club on London's famous music Street, Denmark Street. The collection will span 12 singles all in a different colour vinyl with full colour picture sleeve and including a download card so that the tracks can be downloaded digitally. The collection will also include a collectors box, a specially commissioned DVD of Tali Clarkes brilliant film on the last days of The 12 Bar Club entitled "A Riot Of Our Own", Posters plus a limited edition book featuring flyers and photographs from The 12 Bar Clubs flaghip punk inspired night, London Callin'. There will also be other items included as the collection proceeds. So far There have been 7 releases in the collection with the 8th going into production, soon to be followed by the 9th.


Record No 1. The Bermondsey Joyriders : 12 Bar Night /Just Like Me / Tru Punk : 12Bar001

Record No 2. Tankus The Henge : / The Penny Black Remedy : Split Single : 12Bar002

Record No 3. Runnin' Riot / The London Sewage Company : Split Single : 12 Bar003

Record No 4 : Cocksparrer / The Bar Stool Peachers : Split Single : 12Bar004

Record No 5 : 16 Guns / Morgellons / Rage DC / Emergency Bitter : 12 Bar005

Record No 6 : Witchdoktors / Space Wasters / Luca Brasi / Love Me Tenders : 12 Bar006

Record No.7 : 999 / Menace / Fire Exit / The Bleach Boys : 12 Bar007

Record No 8 : Knuckledust / Injury Time / Nine Bar/ Special Move : 12 Bar008

Coming Soon: Record 9

Available to buy in The Shop section of this site

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